Edible & Medicinal Wild Foods Walk

Taste the local flavors of our North Coast. While hiking in the redwoods, pines, creek sides and chaparral ecosystems, our local foraging expert will teach you wild-food harvesting techniques. These classes are really fun and interactive! 


9 am Meet at Kelly's French Bakery at 402 Ingalls St. (or other designated meeting place) in Santa Cruz for introductions, logistics and route talk. Hike ~2.5 miles through forest and fields with beautiful ocean views while learning about wild food harvesting. At some point on the trail, we'll enjoy some foraged snacks. Classes are approx. 3 hours. Check Calendar for availability.

Price: $65 (kids under 12 $45)


What to expect & bring

Please Bring hiking boots/sturdy sneakers. Trails can be muddy. There are hills but nothing long and steep. Bring layers, it can get chilly. Long pants for hiking (and poison oak!) and a full waterbottle are recommended. **Optional** - sunhat, sunglasses, rain jacket, camera, hiking poles and paper/reusable (not plastic) bag for harvesting

Is previous experience necessary?

No outdoor experience is necessary. If you are in reasonably good shape and have the desire and enthusiasm to learn, you will do fine. Our expert leader will give a thorough overview of the route and best practices for the activities. We recommend hiking uphill as training, but it's not required!

What will we be foraging for?

Depending on season, weather, ecosystem, trail and natural shifts in nature, species will vary from hike to hike. November-March: mushrooms. Spring: greens, shoots, etc. Summer: berries, seeds. Autumn: acorns, nuts/seeds, bark. Whatever is ripe and available!

Important details

Please note we'll be trying new foods for the first time after positively identifying them which means you could have an unknown allergy. If you're nervous about this, we encourage you to just try a tiny bit! Though we've never had an allergic reaction to any KNOWN and POSITIVELY IDENTIFIED species, it's always a possibility.