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Airbnb Team: you’re learning the secrets of sand sculpting from local pro Sand Masters


With Sandsculpting Masters Kirk & Rusty you’ll be building awesome sandcastles in a stress-free and fun environment. Learn techniques that allow your imagination to run free. What we build depends on the conditions and your creativity. Everything from ornate mermaids and turtles to abstract art and the "poo" emoji have been built! You'll have all the tools needed to build your art piece. YOU are creative even if you don't know it yet. Our guides will help you build something fantastic so don't worry about it, just come and enjoy yourself!

WHEN: Thursday, October 17th from 2pm-5pm

WHERE: Ocean Beach in SF


  • Good ol’ Northern California beach wear: layers. It can get chilly so be sure to bring warm clothes in addition to any beach wear

  • You’ll be getting sandy so don’t wear that Gucci dress/shoes on sand sculpting day!

  • Optional: water, sunscreen, hat, towel, camera

  • Cash for parking

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