Beach Games & Sandcastle building

Connect with your inner kid and play in the sand! Depending on which games you choose you'll be playing beach games or learning the secrets of sand sculpting from local pro Sand Masters


With Sandsculpting, our approach is stress-free and fun. You'll learn techniques that allow your imagination to run free. Don't worry--our guides will be there to help you along the way! If you're playing beach games, choose from volleyball, badminton, smashball, cornhole, frisbee, kickball, bocci ball and whatever your game experts stir up for that day...


What's Included:

  • Pro "Sand Master" instructors + building tools
  • Snacks and cold beverages
  • All the beach games you could ever want...

Interested in this itinerary? Call 844-766-8682 or


What to Bring & Expect

Depending on weather, you'll need a hoodie and long pants or a bathingsuit, sunglasses and a hat so check the weather! Bring beach accessories like a towel, water, sunscreen, hat and sunglasses. With sandsculpting we'll be kneeling and squating and carrying buckets of sand and water so be prepared for some lifting, digging and bucket-carrying.

Sand Sculpting? Say more...

What we build depends on the instructor, conditions and your creativity. Everything from ornate mermaids and turtles to abstract art and the "poo" emoji have been built! You'll have all the tools needed to build your art piece.

Important Details

Our instructors are experienced, fun and friendly. YOU are creative even if you don't know it yet! Our guides will help you build something fantastic so don't worry about it, just come and enjoy yourself!