Kayak w/Averroes High School


Kayak w/Averroes High School

from 12.00

Explore the beautiful Elkhorn Slough by kayak. Discover what lives in our sanctuary such as otters, sea lions, harbor seals, jellyfish and so much more. Adventure led by expert, friendly local guides at Kayak Connection.

Classes take place in Moss Landing where the wildlife is active and abundant!


10am (please arrive at least 15 minutes early) Meet at Kayak Connection in Elkhorn Slough at 2370 Highway 1 in Moss Landing, CA 95039. Link to location HERE. Paddle lasts 3 hours

What to expect/see?

Experience the diverse wildlife of the Elkhorn Slough, named one of the top ten wildlife viewing destinations in the country. You are guaranteed to see harbor seals, sea lions and the real crowd pleasers: The Southern Sea Otter! This is an excellent paddle for beginners in stable double kayaks. The expert guides will teach you how to drive the kayaks including safety talk and orientation.

Tour lasts 3 hours and includes kayaks, wetsuit or waterproof pants and jacket (if you want). Some prefer to wear their own fleece and rain gear, or just shorts and a long sleeve shirt if it is hot out. You may bring old tennis or water shoes, a hat with visor, a towel, extra clothes, waterproof camera, water bottle and snack.

Bathrooms and water available at put-in.

Is previous experience required?

No! Conditions in the Slough are almost always calm and flat.

Rain or Shine?

If it’s a torrential downpour we may cancel, but please come prepared to kayak in light rain

Lunch $12:
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