Date: June 29 - July 1, 2018

Listen to nature's quiet whispers and discover through deep listening, journaling, sacred sharing circles and solo-time in nature that YOU are your own best healer. We will hike out ~6 miles (totally doable!) to a sacred campsite next to a high-sierra lake where we'll hike, listen to each other and ourselves, eat good food, journal, share our pain and joy, discover our deepest sense of trust and connection and explore how we can heal ourselves through connecting to nature. This trip will be lead by 2 experienced retreat/outdoor facilitators that will be with you every step of the way. This 2-night, 3-day trip takes us to high mountain peaks where we can see for miles in every direction. With chances to swim in still pools and watch the sunset from a mountain peak, each day will be specially crafted to maximize your own healing with whatever your body and soul need.  We take care of all the details regarding planning, packing, what to expect and what gear to bring. Don't have the gear? No sweat, let us know in your backpacking intake form and rent it from us for a modest fee.

*All breakfasts and dinners are included and delicious.


Day 1

Meet at the Pyramid Creek (Twin Bridges) parking lot at 10AM on day 1. Directions sent upon registration & payment. If you rented any gear, we'll have it ready for you when you arrive. We'll check gear, make sure our bags are packed correctly and set out on our 6-mile journey to camp. Lunch enjoyed on-trail. We'll help each other set up camp and explore our surroundings on a short hike to a view overlooking our little lake. Food tastes SO good when you've worked for it! We'll cook dinner together and enjoy it around the campfire. Star-lit shenanigans 'till we tuck-in for some much deserved sleep under the stars. 

Day 2

7AM-ish Coffee & hot bevvies ready. 8am-ish breakfast. For those that want to hike, we'll pack a lunch and hit the trail for an incredible hike to the Pyramid Peak, a beautiful place to have lunch. After we come down from the mountain we'll take an optional dip and explore the lake area then spend some time alone journaling. Late afternoon we'll have a gathering at the sacred overlook above our camp for some heart-centered sharing and reflection before reconvening for dinner. Optional night hike before bed.

Day 3

7am-ish Coffee & hot bevvies ready. 8am-ish breakfast. After a leisurely morning hike (and possibly a morning dip?), we'll pack lunch and pack up camp. One last short morning hike before putting the big-bags on again and heading back to our cars, enjoying lunch along the river. Back at cars at ~3pm for cheers & goodbyes.

Price: $295

What Should I Pack?

Firstly: YOU GOT THIS! Our professional guides will send you a thorough packing list along with "what to expect" on this backpacking trip upon completing your reservation. A few things we KNOW you'll need: a good (warm) sleeping bag/pad and tent. Don't have those things? That's fine, we'll rent them to you for a modest fee. When you fill out our backpacking intake form we'll handle all your gear needs. Clothing and other equipment packing list emailed upon registration.

What's Included?

Breakfasts and dinners, permits and camping fees, 2 experienced guides to lead you through your own soul-discovery. Bring your own personal gear (clothing, etc), LUNCHES and special snacks if desired. Transportation is NOT included, we'll do our best to organize carpooling. Once you get yourself to the trailhead, you're taken care of every steop of the way.

Are the Hikes Hard?

No, though there are hills as this is mountainous terrain at altitude. If you've never hiked before, we recommend training with weight, though it's not required. If you can comfortably hike 6 miles with weight on your back at altitude, you'll be fine! We take it nice and slow and stop often. Of course, hikes are always optional (except hiking in to camp!)

Important Details

When you reserve your spot, we'll send you a detailed packing list & itinerary with everything you need to know including where to park, what to expect, carpooling, routes, elevations, etc. These trips are loads of fun and our expert, friendly, professional guides will be with you every step of the way to help you have the most memorable trip of your life!