Date: TBD

Listen to nature's quiet whispers and start to notice the voice of your true self. Discover through journaling, meditation and quiet time alone that YOU are your own best healer.

This trip is for brave women that want to challenge themselves with a "solo" journey in the wilderness. As your true gifts reveal themselves you begin to uncover the powerful, wise woman you are...

  • Women-only 3 night/4 day backpacking trip in the Desolation Wilderness around Echo Lake with 1 night and 2 "solo" days.

  • Led & supported by 2 experienced retreat/outdoor facilitators

  • 2 days & 1 night of "solo" nature time

  • Gain tools to navigate fears, anxieties and personal blockages

  • Discover your spirit-nature connection

  • Belong to your life's path

  • Stay connected to your power through daily practices post-trip


**Full itinerary, equipment list & directions sent upon registration*

DAY 1: AM Meet Thursday morning at designated time/place (sent upon registration). Any rented gear will be waiting for you. We'll pack our bags, circle up with the other fierce, brave women embarking on this journey with you and hike out 5.5 miles in beautiful high-sierra country where rocks, lakes and giant trees surround us. Lunch enjoyed on trail. After setting up "base camp" we'll take a dip in the lake and have a grounding, honoring the creatures and spirits of the land. After dinner we'll share in a sacred witness circle and start gathering the tools needed on the journey ahead including guided meditations, mindfulness walks, nature-worshiping, spirit-animal relationships, sacred journaling topics, soul-work assignments and ways to explore the inner-depths of your own wisdom. 

DAY 2: AM Sunrise guided meditation before breakfast. Circle time, journaling and final preparations for your solo time in the wilderness. Over the next 2 days and 1 night, allow yourself to trust the mystery that unfolds...

DAY 3: PM Return to base camp at 6pm for dinner and to share what/who you encountered. We will practice sacred witnessing, listening and sharing. This is a great time to begin re-writing your story. Evening guided meditation and journaling before sleeping under the stars. 

DAY 4: AM Sunrise guided meditation before breakfast. We'll explore personal affirmations, how to implement daily practices in order to weave your new discoveries into daily life. A last dip in the lake before packing-up camp and heading back.

The high mountain peaks, lakes and clean air of the sierra are healing of their own rite. Just being there is rejuvenating and life-affirming. We take care of all the details regarding planning, packing, what to expect and what gear to bring. Don't have the gear? No sweat, let us know in your 'backpacking intake form' (sent upon registration) and rent it from us for a modest fee.

You must be able to hike (with weight) ~6 miles at altitude comfortably. 

Price: $495/person



What Should I Pack?

Firstly: YOU GOT THIS! Our guides will send you a thorough packing list along with "what to expect" on this backpacking trip upon completing your reservation. Don't have all the backpacking things? That's fine, we'll rent them to you for a modest fee. When you fill out our backpacking intake form we'll handle all your gear needs and have any rented gear ready for you at the trail head.

What's Included?

All permits and camping fees and 2 experienced guides to lead you through your own soul-discovery. Bring your own personal gear (clothing, etc), food and special snacks. Transportation is NOT included, we'll do our best to organize carpooling. Once you get yourself to the trailhead, you'll be supported every step of the way.

Are the Hikes Hard?

The route is totally doable. There are hills as this is mountainous terrain, and we're at approx. ~7000'. If you've never hiked before, we recommend training with weight. If you can comfortably hike 6 miles with weight on your back at altitude, you'll be fine! We take it nice and slow and stop often, this isn't a race.

Important Details

When you reserve your spot, we'll send you a detailed packing list & itinerary with everything you need to know including where to park, what to expect, carpooling, routes, elevations, etc. These trips are profound experiences and our expert, professional guides will be with you every step of the way to help you have the most memorable, life-affirming trip of your life!