In Santa Cruz Nature Awaits

Written by Tad Davies

Santa Cruz is a haven for souls that feed off outdoor adventure and experience. That may sound like an advert for adrenaline junkies only, but that’s not the way it is. Granted, if you are an outdoor sports addict, you probably already have Santa Cruz pinned on a map for it’s hundreds of miles of mountain biking trails and dozens of world class surf breaks. But those high-intensity endeavors only describe a slice of how you can get out and commune with the extraordinary natural heritage of this wonderland that stretches from Monterey to Pescadero.


Mountains, coast, and sea! Mountains, coast, and sea! Those three words contain lifetimes of fulfillment. You never know what remarkable beauty, what unexpected interactions nature will deliver from the nooks and crannies of this abundance. All you have to do is go out into it. Literally just walk out there. For many of us, a lot of time can pass between nature visits. Our lives are highly organized around work, home, and our digital devices … did I mention our digital devices? Gone are the days when, to escape boredom, we had to walk outside and look for something to do. Now we just reach for our pockets—I say that and think of my own habits—I can practically hear the sucking sound of time spiraling down a digital drain. Meanwhile nature waits, pristine and patient, rumbling and swaying … breathing in rhythm with the tempo of it’s daily, monthly, yearly cycles. It’s waiting for you, for any of us, it’s native children, like a mother, like a Giving Tree, you are always welcome to come home. And when the complexity and confusion of this grand experiment called the modern world has you feeling thin, stretched, pixelated, strung-out, remember nature. Go there. Go there and fall into the bosom of all things that live and breathe. Go there and feel human again...