Adventures for women & girls

We inspire and empower women to have positive experiences in the outdoors


Wild • Whole • Connected


As female-identifying folks, many of us can feel disconnected, unhealthy, and lost. Through cultivating a relationship with the natural world, our souls and our communities, we can RE-WILD. It is our birthright and heritage to foster a true sense of belonging on our wild earth. There is no better time to celebrate our strength and sisterhood as WILD WOMEN CONNECTING to the source of all life. We thrive on honoring SELF-CARE, eating GOOD FOOD, and supporting our AUTHENTIC expression in strength and vulnerability. All skill levels welcome, just bring your whole self.


Upcoming Adventures


sierra pilgrimage

Sept. 13-15


Wild Big sur • soul quest

november 1-3


RECOVER your wild heart and mind • RESTORE your connection to nature • RECONNECT to your soul