Adventures for Girls!

Day-camps to empower girls through outdoor adventure

Adventures for Girls helps young women in underserved areas access fun and adventure in the outdoors. Day-camps provide experiential learning through challenges such as rock climbing, kayaking and hiking. We combine outdoor adventure with social emotional learning, resilience, self-confidence building and PLAY! 


 Our transformative adventure-days are designed to empower girls to learn healthy habits, strengthen self-confidence, learn how to love and learn from nature and become wise leaders of our future. Our programs involve kayaking, climbing, hiking, nature crafts and free play in nature. 



At an important time in a young girl's life, our camps help nurture self-confidence, foster environmental stewardship and allow the girls to gain skills needed to face the challenges of adolescence. These camps make a difference in their lives that last forever.



Our girls are diverse in experience, ethnicity, race and socio-economic status. To ensure economic diversity, we offer financial aid, awarded on a first come first served basis. If you're interested, in our program please contact us below.